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Environmental Studies

Multi-media Environmental Studies are strategically important for assessing environmental quality status leading to informed decisions on the extent of compliance with regulations’ and corrective actions to be taken.

Environmental Studies
  • Environmental & Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)
  • Environmental Monitoring/Evaluation Studies (EES)
  • Environmental Audit (EAu)
  • Environmental Sensitivity Index (ESI)
  • Post Impact Assessment (PIA)
  • Ecotoxicological Studies
  • Hazardous Waste Management Inventory, Assessment and environmentally sound management
  • Risk Assessment
  • Environmental Liability/Compensation Claims
  • Land use planning
  • Environmental Pollution studies
  • Environmental Compliance Monitoring
  • Oil Pollution management
  • Remediation of Contaminated Sites
  • Water /Wastewater Sampling & Testing and Treatment
  • Ecological Impact Assessment
  • Geographic Information System
  • Sea Bed Survey
  • Geotechnics and Soil Testing
  • Waste to Wealth Strategies
Air Quality Studies
  • Flare temperature
  • Meteorological Parameters e.g. Temperature, Pressure, Relative Humidity etc.
  • Heavy Metals Analysis
  • Particulate matter, PM10, PM7, PM2.5, PM1, TSP
  • Gaseous Pollutants e.g. NOX, SOX, VOCs etc
  • Stack Emission monitoring/li>
  • Ambient Air Quality
Waste Management
  • Waste inventory and Characterisation
  • Waste Minimisation Methodologies
  • Hazardous/Non-hazardous waste management
  • Assessment, Remediation and Restoration of contaminated sites
  • Landfill design, Monitoring & Management
  • Chemicals & Oil Spill Clean up
Capacity Building/ Training in Environmental Analysis & Environmental Management
  • Training in Environmental Management.
  • Pollution Prevention and Mitigation in Facilities
  • Implementing Health safety and Environment (HSE) in Facilities
  • Occupational Health and Safety Management
  • Safe Handling of Chemicals
  • Development of Environmental Policy; Action Plans; Regulations; Technical Guidelines etc
Corporate Advisory and Expert Witness
  • Provision of support and expert testimony at select committees, planning inquiries and magistrate courts to: Provision of scientific/technical support and expert testimony/witness services in national assembly or high courts as well as international organisations.

Industrial & Environmental Laboratory Services

Our laboratories perform high excellence analytical physico-chemical parameters and microbiological tests on food, water, soil, sediment, sludge, chemical samples to provide data required to ascertain compliance with environmental, industry, government or regulatory requirements and standards.

Our Laboratories are managed by experienced laboratory scientists, technologists and a responsive management team.  We utilize a variety of recommended international testing methods and the use of the state-of-the-art analytical instruments.

We ensure all our equipment’s are calibrated regularly to maintain the integrity of our results and ensure thorough documented processes adopting international best practices.

The scope of our environmental tests and analyses includes among others, the following matrices:

  • Water (groundwater, surface water, process water, drinking water, lagoon and sea water)
  • Waste water/Effluent
  • Soil, sludge and sediment
  • Dust and particulate
  • Plant and animal tissue

The scope of parameters analyzed include:

  • Chemical analysis
  • Petroleum Hydrocarbons ( Aliphatic and Aromatic)
  • Heavy metals (Pb, Hg, Cd, Cr, Ni, Cu, V etc)
  • Pesticide residue
  • Pesticide formulation analysis
  • Persistent organic pollutants (POPs)
  • Hydrocarbon degrading microbes
  • Nutrients (NO3,, PO3-,4, SO2-etc)

Field Sampling

We also provide on-site and off-site environmental monitoring services for projects and incidents; and work professionally to ensure samples are properly collected, identified, labelled, preserved and transported back to the lab. We own a wide range of state-of –the-art field sampling equipment’s which we can be engaged for various sampling requirements.

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