MDs Message

I am pleased to share with you that since our inception about three decades ago, as the first environmental consultancy company to be accredited by the defunct Federal Environmental Protection Agency (FEPA) in Nigeria, now Federal Ministry of Environment in 1999; we have focused on research  and development to generate valuable scientific environmental data which have assisted governments in developing and emerging economies to develop governance policy instruments  such as laws , regulations and guidelines; as well as strategies on industrial pollution control; multi-media environmental monitoring for ecosystems  sustainability and the protection of human health.


We raise awareness, advocate and train formal and informal sectors and regulators on environmentally sound management of municipal solid waste as well as hazardous waste including obsolete toxic chemicals such aspersistent  organic pollutants (POPs); electronic waste (e-waste); used lead acid battery (ULAB); oil and gas industry waste etc. We have gained experience in the assessment and management of contaminated sites.


Our company has created a niche as a centre of excellence through the pivotal role of our

Chairman/Chief Executive Officer on the following;

  • Sound management of chemicals and wastes (local and international levels)
  • Climate related issues;
  • Promoting solutions and activities to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

related to chemicals and wastes.

  • Strong advocates of the transition traditional linear economy to a circular economy


Our technical support services towards sustainable development in different sectors include;

  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA), Environmental Audit; Post Impact Assessment


  • Environmental Evaluation Studies (EES); as well as environmental data gathering studies on-site and off-site
  • Laboratory analysis of Food, Drugs, Cosmetics; Pesticides Formulation and Residues Analyses as well as solid minerals.


As international players in the global environmental arena we are set to partner with companies in Europe; USA; China and other parts of the world to render sustainable environmental solutions as we plan to extend our network to other African countries outside Nigeria.


Let me re-iterate our commitment towards serving our esteemed customers to international best practices and highest standards.

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